Let's Talk About Lash Strips...

Ok ladies, lets be real...whenever there is a special occasion preparation is key, right? We create a checklist of things we need to do or get. Like, what outfit to wear, making sure our hair and nail appointment are booked...oh and my favorite...LASHES! You have to admit, lashes gives us the extra boost we need to complete our fabulous look. The question to consider is, what kind of lashes should I get? Well of course depending on the occasion you may want a natural or full look.

So let's breakdown the lash look:

Natural Lashes are perfect for daytime outings, work, or everyday wear. Full lashes are much thicker, breathtaking, they are great for photos, and will give you sexier look especially for a date night! Both kinds you can wear whenever you want which is the beauty in lash strips, being able to diversify and have full control of your look.

So what are you waiting for? Go shop WIP Lash
XO. Carmen & Chaneen